Dynamic Island on Android through KLWP

Dynamic Island feature made a significant impact among tech users. Everyone talked about it for days. It looks gorgeous with those perfect animations; we can all agree on that. For all of you that don't have an iPhone 14 Pro, I decided to create a KLWP preset that would imitate the looks of Dynamic Island.

Before I introduce you to it, please be aware that even though my preset is free to get on Gumroad (donations are always appreciated but not necessary), to apply it, you will need both the KLWP app (which is free) and KLWP Pro key (which is a paid app).

So, first of all, this preset is made on (and for) Galaxy S22/S22+, but you can change some settings from the Globals tab inside the KLWP app to tune it for your device, for example, the radius of rounded corners or distance of the pill (island) from the top, etc. You can also turn off the top text widget, search widget, or dock background. You can change the wallpaper, too; all of that is in the Globals tab (check the picture below for more info).

The preset comes without added icons; you can add them to your liking. The icons used here are Ares Black.

I used Nova launcher for this setup, which is free (but there is also a Pro key if you like). Settings in Nova launcher are the following: Desktop grid — 8 x5, Padding - Large x None, Dock Padding — Large x Large.

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The work and tools here were mainly created to solve common issues in client projects or as learning tools for myself. Although I'll try and answer any question I can't guarantee support for these tools, or even updates.

For those of you looking for fully supported (and better) solutions i can not recommend the guys over at Finsweet & Jetboost enough for all the work they've done in advancing Webflow.